What Does Bran Know About Sansa? The Clue That Something Is Wrong

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
As we get deeper into Game of Thrones season 7, some fans out there are a little out of can't control with their theories of what will happen next, but we can't blame them. In the most recent episodes, we finally got to see one of the biggest things we've been waiting for come to pass: the Stark kids family reunion. (Well, sort of.)
In the event of this major plot progression, it usually means something major is about to happen, and this Reddit commenter's observations are giving us pause.
"When Bran reunites with Sansa at Winterfell (S7 EP3) he very clearly does not embrace her back when she is hugging him (we see a view that shows his hands remain by his side)," he explained on the site. "In fact, while Sansa hugs him he stares blankly beyond her (which yes, I recognize is kind of his thing to do now). However, when he reunites (S7 EP4) with Arya he does hug her back (a view is shown with his arm around her), and while his face is still blank-ish, there definitely appears to be a hint of concern as he stares over Arya's shoulder at Sansa (who looks down)."
The fan then pointed out how there's something very wrong with this reaction. Judging by the way Arya was clutching onto her dagger and how Bran was acting towards Sansa, that it will likely not end in their older sister's favor, the Redditor theorizes. Thanks to this post, our minds are now spinning with the questions it proposes. Does this mean Sansa will eventually betray her family and will Arya be the one to save them by destroying her?
If you think about it, Bran does have the gift of seeing into the future. With that kind of power, his actions are certainly not to be taken lightly. We paused both moments for your below, so you can decide for yourself.
Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
Another thing to keep in mind: the show's creators are masters at dropping little predictive clues in. This just might be one.
The show is so close to coming full circle — especially with season 8 starting to film in October. Keep your eyes open for surprises.
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