Prepare To Be Jealous Of This Mom's Awesome Target Maternity Photos

Page Miller might just be the ultimate Target mom, which is why she chose the store as the backdrop for her maternity photoshoot after learning she was pregnant with her third child. And the photos are glorious.
Miller's friend Heather Pippin, who runs Inspired By A True Story photography, took the photos and posted them to Facebook in July. They show a "pregnant af" Miller and her daughter, Avery, wandering around the store and posing in locations other Target enthusiasts will recognize, like the Starbucks in every store and the futons that are always on display.
"This was so much fun, a creative way to pay homage to all those awesome Target Moms out there," Pippin wrote on Facebook. "The ones with the messy buns, half empty before you even make it to the back of the store Starbucks cups, toys you aren't really buying, and cheese balls to get you through the store."
Miller told her local radio station Y98 that Target is where she really lives, her "home away from home," so she and Pippin thought it was the perfect place to take her photos. And she's clearly not the only one who loves Target this much. Around the same time Miller's maternity photos came out, another story went viral of a woman who loves Target so much that she got drunk and convinced her husband to have a date night at the store.
What's really surprising about the photos, though, is that Pippin managed to snap shots without customers wandering by or employees coming to chastise them for snacking in the middle of an aisle. But, Miller tells Refinery29, other people weren't much of a problem. "A few customers watched us shoot for a min and smiled and thought it was cute," she says. "Workers were working. We weren't loud or disrespectful to really cause a scene."
Even though most of the images are funny, some are more meaningful to Miller than others. She posted one image, of herself in front of a colorful towel display, with the caption, "Come on little rainbow we are ready to meet you."
Parents often call babies born after a miscarriage, stillbirth, or infant death a "rainbow baby," and that's what Miller means in this post. Her second child, a boy named Clarke, died when he was three months old from sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). She's been glad that her photos going viral has given her and her husband the chance to talk about their son.
"Brad and I try so hard to keep Clarke's name alive and his story always spreading to everyone we meet. We try keeping him in our daily routine and in everything we do," she said on Facebook. "I am so thankful to have ever been able to be that little boy's mom. He is such an amazing soul and has brought so much happiness to us and I hope with his organ donation to another family/families. He's a true superman in my every day."
Miller is currently about 39 weeks pregnant and ready to meet her third child, who will be named Malin.
Refinery29 has reached out to Miller and will update this story when we receive a response.
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