The Ante Has Officially Been Raised On Maternity Photos

We think it's fair to say that Beyoncé raised the bar on stunning maternity photoshoots. We're not saying that she invented underwater maternity photos, but she pretty much perfected them. I mean, just look at this masterpiece.
And it seems that these photos are inspiring other parents-to-be to step up their pregnancy photo game — or at least attempt to look a little like Bey.
Keshona Miles, who goes by @DaBratt_ on Twitter, tweeted a photo of her aunt's Beyoncé-esque underwater maternity shoot last week and it immediately went viral, BuzzFeed reports.
It's not too hard to see why. The photo Miles tweeted is beyond gorgeous.
Although Miles never says her aunt (whose name is Jasmine) was inspired by Bey's photos, plenty of people commented on the tweet comparing the images, and one guy even said her aunt did it better.
Other commenters, however, have zeroed in on Jasmine's fiancé's face, which they aren't sure is the face of a man who's 100% comfortable with this "taking photos under water" thing.
Yet another commenter shared a gif, saying, "Meanwhile this would've been me." And, honestly, same.
But never fear, anyone who isn't quite as graceful as Jasmine and Bey. There are lots of other ways to make your pregnancy photos stunning, or epic, or stunningly epic.
You could take inspiration from this woman who decided to lay in the water instead of dive under it.
Or this mom-to-be who's decked out like a majestic woodland fairy.
Or this lady, who is (literally) glowing.
Or, if all else fails, just add a horse.
No matter how you decided to document your pregnancy, if you want to keep up with the social media-savvy parents of the future, one thing is clear: it better be epic.
The gauntlet has officially been thrown.
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