This New Series Is The Bold Type Meets Mad Men

If you can believe it, there was a time when people actually complained that there was nothing good to watch on TV. Now, it seems that there's not enough time in a year to catch up on the dozens of quality programs available on cable and premium streaming networks like Netflix and Hulu. Well, ready yourselves and your weeknights, people, because The CW is bringing a new show that sounds oh-so-good.
Variety has learned that Andi Bushell, the writer and co-executive producer of ABC's short-lived-but-badass show, Agent Carter, is creating a new series that is sure to appeal to fans of The Bold Type, Mad Men, and, as Hello Giggles points out, John Tucker Must Die.
The new series, The She Word, will focus on four women who work as assistants at a company predominantly employed by men. Like too many work environments, the main characters learn that they've all been discriminated because of their gender, but instead of just taking up the issue with HR, these women band together and take matters into their own hands, Variety reports.
Who else is getting some major Peggy Olsen vibes here?
Bushell, who will write and executive produce on the show, will be joined by an equally awesome woman in Hollywood, Deborah Spera. Together, they've worked on CBS' popular and super dark, drama Criminal Minds. So, yeah, it's safe to say they know how to keep fans on the edge of their seats and coming back for more.
The CW is no stranger to choosing shows with powerful women leads, including Supergirl, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, iZombie, Jane The Virgin, Reign, and others. This fall, the network will also welcome Life Sentence, a story about a woman (Lucy Hale) who learns she's beaten cancer after eight years and is now tasked with figuring out how to live the rest of her life.

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