The Internet Is SO Into IKEA's End-Of-Summer Seafood Buffet & It's Hilarious

If you didn't eat ice cream or Swedish meatballs during your trip to IKEA, did you even really go to IKEA? The furniture retailer is arguably just as well-known for its food as its home goods, so it's no surprise that people are beyond excited about IKEA's end-of-the-summer seafood buffet.
We know this sounds too good to be true, but we assure you it's not. The smorgasbord will center around crayfish, but that's far from the only offering. Other foods in the buffet include those famous meatballs, mac and cheese, Gravlax, pasta, and potato salads. We're hungry just thinking about it.
The event is held on September 15 (mark your calendars!), but you'll want to head over to IKEA's official website STAT to secure your tickets because they're selling out just as quickly as you'd expect.
The only source of contention is the use of the word "crayfish" rather than "crawfish," but it's nothing an IKEA buffet can't fix. And based on Twitter reactions, it looks like the chain has already done some "unofficial" buffets that have been a huge hit.
Not every IKEA is hosting a buffet (womp womp), but the kind folks at Food Beast have compiled a list of locations that will have the goods on September 15.
The outlet confirms that stores in the following locations will host buffets: Tempe, Arizona; Costa Mesa, California; New Haven, Connecticut; Schaumburg, Illinois; St. Louis, Missouri; Brooklyn, New York; Long Island, New York; Columbus, Ohio; West Chester, Ohio; Portland, Oregon; and Round Rock, Texas.
So get ready to grab your bib and crack open some crayfish!

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