This Guy Did The Most To Make Sure His Little Sister's First Date Went Well

There's a pretty common trope for girls who have protective older brothers or dads or uncles or andy other men in their lives that those men will need to have ~ a chat ~ with whichever lucky boy (and it's always assumed to be a boy) ends up taking her on her first date. Most of the time, it's just a joke. But for Rochelle Jack, it was very much a reality.
Her brother, Shaquille Jack, tweeted the receipts that he accomplished his "brotherly duties" on Wednesday, in the form of a video in which he is thoroughly grilling a guy who came to take his sister on her first date.
"Where is this guy who's taking you on a date?" he can be heard saying in the video. "Bring him to the door, have to let him know the ground rules."
When the guy comes to the door, he's faced with questions like, "Your age, please? Your intentions with my sister, please?" And also has to answer where he works (he does tiling), what his college plans are (he's taking a gap year). It seems that his answers were satisfactory, since Jack later tweeted that "this guy did very well."
While we're definitely not proponents of brothers or father, or any other men, feeling that they have some kind of right to choose who their sister gets to date, it's pretty clear that this video was all in fun. Twitter thinks so, too, and had some fantastic reactions to Jack's interview.
Even Rochelle Jack retweeted the reactions to her brother's video with a, "Never living this down." But don't worry, she tells Refinery29 that her date wasn't scared off by her brother's interrogation. "I think he took it very well considering how intense my brother was," she tells Refinery29.
They had a fabulous time at dinner and, yes, he did pay the bill.
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