Twitter Is Going Off About The Worst Places For A First Date

Just about everyone has had their fair share of bad first dates. While the typical format for a first date is dinner and some kind of activity — drinks, a movie, etc — people have taken to plan more interesting and quirky first dates in recent years.
That can be cool sometimes, but it can also lead to some pretty weird situations.
We're not convinced that many of these bad first dates have actually happened, but Twitter has run wild with the idea of what constitutes a truly terrible first date location — and the results are pretty hilarious. People have been posting their thoughts with the hashtag #BadFirstDateLocations.
Some of the suggestions are just senselessly funny:
But some are all about empowering women.
And some poke fun at the current political climate.
Not many of these bad first date locations are actually that helpful for someone trying to NOT plan a bad first date, but they do give us plenty of places to rule out.
And while we can't really help you on where to go — other than to say grabbing a drink or coffee is pretty standard — the people at Hinge, an online dating app, once rounded up data that says the cliche dinner and a movie actually stands up. According to their numbers, 64% of people in San Francisco as well as 59% in D.C. and 79% in New York thought a movie was a successful first date.
And if you need any extra help, we have a few suggestions on what you can say and wear to get you to date number two.
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