What A CrossFit Competitor's Stomach Looks Like When She's Sitting Down

The human body can be an enigma. For some, it's prone to build rock-hard muscle, and for others, it prefers to remain in a softer, curvier state. Either way, bodies are gorgeous and rad.
Sometimes it's easy to get swept into the mindset that bodies need to fit a cultural standard of beauty and perfection at all times. Instead of listening to what their bodies need (be it nourishment, relaxation, or a more gentle form of exercise) sometimes people push themselves to the limit to attain waif-like figures or chiseled abs and look their best at all times, even when sitting or bending over to pick something up.
If you need proof that it's unrealistic to look like someone who just stepped out of a fitness magazine at all times, look no further than Jennifer Smith, a CrossFit competitor who PopSugar reports posted a side-by-side photo of herself to illuminate just how different her body looks when she's standing versus sitting.

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"Ahhh the power of lighting, body posture, and a good smile!" Smith captioned the photo shared with her 95.6k followers.
She also included the hashtags, #transformationtuesday and #15minuteslater.
Hopefully her post can serve as a reminder that bodies are always changing. Body-shaming — whether done online, in person, to ourselves, or at the doctor's office — is actually a health hazard that can lead to increased feelings of anxiety and depression, according to medical professionals.

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