How To (Mis)Pronounce Your Favorite Fashion Labels

Earlier this week, Brits finally received the answer to a much debated question: How on earth do you pronounce Primark? The budget retailer's name may be short, but a series of surprisingly emotional Tweets prove a heated argument has long raged. With a simple post to the chain's website, the debate was finally quelled: it's Pr-Eye-Mark.
Shoppers stateside probably haven't come to fisticuffs over Primark's correct pronunciation (or for some, even heard of Primark at all), but mispronunciation is truly an universal experience. Everyone's had a Showgirls-like "It's Versase" moment, because — let's face it — most of the times we come across fashion labels, it's in print, and not said out loud. But with the wonders of the ~*~*Internet*~*~, those days are behind us. With a simple "How do I pronounce..." Google, your pronunciation woes should be behind you... That is, unless you come across Pronunciation Manual's guides (a spoof of the very official Pronunciation Book). Below, you'll find the wrong, the worse, and the worst ways to pronounce Versace, Givenchy, Yves Saint Laurent, and more.
Yves Saint Laurent
Thom Browne
Proenza Schouler
Comme des Garcons

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