This Is The True Story Behind Aaron Sorkin's New "Poker Princess" Movie

Photo: Aaron Ontiveroz/The Denver Post/Getty Images.
After watching the trailer for the new movie Molly's Game starring Jessica Chastain and Idris Elba, it's hard to believe anything that glamorous could be a true story — but it is. Chastain plays the real life Molly Bloom, a waitress-turned-"Poker Princess" who was arrested in 2013 for running an illegal, celebrity-fueled poker ring. The trailer, which dropped today, gives an introduction to the high-stakes world that Molly found herself dominating, but there's also a lot of celebrity gossip from the real story that we hope director Aaron Sorkin includes.
In her 2014 memoir of the same name, Bloom details several not-so-flattering celebrity anecdotes, some even involving Hollywood hot-shots Ben Affleck and Tobey Maguire.
For instance, according to an excerpt published in Vanity Fair, there was a moment when someone at one of the games turned to Affleck and asked, "Hey, yo, did Jennifer’s ass have cellulite on it, or was it nice?"
After a long pause, he apparently answered, "It was nice."
An even more horrifying anecdote told the story of when Maguire offered Bloom $1,000 to get on a desk and "bark like a seal."
"Bark like a seal who wants a fish," he apparently commanded. Bloom refused, but he insisted for an uncomfortable amount of time, and ended up leaving in somewhat of a huff when he realized she wasn't going to let herself be humiliated for his entertainment.
There are countless other juicy details, but at its heart, Molly's Game (coming to theaters November 22) is about a powerful woman who works her way to the top of a male-dominated and illicit industry — as well as her fall from grace. Watch the trailer below!

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