Insecure Star Suggests Continuing Your Activism & Self-Care Tonight By Tuning In

Photo: Greg Doherty/Getty Images.
Pictured: Natasha Rothwell.
If ever there were a weekend that called for a Sunday night of self-care and quiet reflection, this is it. And, as TV Guide reports, actress Natasha Rothwell has a humble suggestion for recovering from the fatal unrest in Charlottesville, VA: Watch her show.
That would be HBO's Insecure, in which Rothwell plays Kelli and serves as an executive story editor. She isn't looking to be self-serving and boosting the Issa Rae comedy's ratings. instead, Rothwell sees it as a small but significant gesture that could help bridge the racial divide by supporting a show with a Black cast. (And honestly, it's not like you Game of Thrones devotees will even need to push a single button on the remote.)
Allow her to explain.
"It feels weird to ask you to watch @InsecureHBO tonight when the country is on fire, but my hope is that you'll tune in and support us because our show dares greatly to promote the humanity of POC [people of color] — something that is under attack in this country right now," she tweeted.
"So, tonight if you find yourself needing to take a break from this living nightmare and you want to watch TV as a form of self-care, I hope you choose Insecure on HBO at 10:30 p.m. [ET]. It would really mean a lot."
Rothwell's tweet has picked up plenty of support, with Rae herself retweeting the message and fans chiming in to commit to spending this evening with Issa and Lawrence (though probably not together).
"Gonna hit up a rally and be back in time to watch!" tweeted one follower.
"I've been looking forward to it for those exact reasons," added another fan. "Not gonna let hateful bigots take my joy."
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