Issa Rae Is All Of Us After Meeting Beyoncé, Because How Do You Talk To An Angel?

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There are few things that everyone can agree on, and one of them is that if we met Beyoncé, we would all freak out. When writer, comedian, and star of the HBO show Insecure Issa Rae took to social media to gush about meeting Beyoncé, we could all relate.
According to her Twitter, Issa Rae met the singer at a benefit and couldn't contain her excitement. Not only did she post about it on Twitter for her followers, but Rae also posted a Snapchat video to share her excitement. It was hella real, especially considering how long she's waited to meet Queen Bey.
The first part of the video shows Issa Rae in a car with two of her friends, heading towards an unnamed benefit. The third Snap shows Issa Rae posing with one of her friends, captioned by "Our 'Beyonce and Jay-Z are here' face." The snap after that shows Issa Rae and her friends back in the car, recounting what went down when Issa Rae met Beyonce, captioning it with simply "I met Beyonce, so..."
"I met Beyonce tonight... She said she was a fan. She called me beautiful, and I... what do you do after that?" Rae asks. Honestly, we don't know.
This isn't the first time that Issa Rae has shared her love of Bey with the world. On a recent appearance on Stephen Colbert to talk about the new season of Insecure, Issa Rae shared a few tidbits of the show, including Solange's role as the music director for the show. Even on the show, Issa admitted to being starstruck when Solange would casually mention her sister in conversation.
We can all agree that meeting Beyoncé and having her give you compliments is the highlight of the year, but Issa Rae's joy is contagious. Like one person said to her on Twitter, when one of us wins, we all win.
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