We Dare You Not To Swipe Right On This Woman's Hilarious Tinder Profile

After losing her arm in an accident, Lauren, a 21-year-old from San Diego, California, says she's turned to her sense of humor as a coping mechanism to feel more comfortable. As BuzzFeed points out, Lauren's sense of humor is on full display on her Twitter account (@DuckFanAccount), where she makes some pretty choice zingers about herself.
Lauren tells Refinery29 that she lost her arm over a year ago during a moped accident.
"[I was] going way too fast and I lost control, and my wheel swung into the median and I flew off and hit a street sign that sliced my arm clean off," she says. Luckily, a police officer who happened to have tourniquet training wasn't too far behind her, and was able to help.
Though doctors were able to reattach her arm for about a month and a half, she says it lost blood circulation when they were doing surgery to reconnect her nerves.
It's obviously been an adjustment, but her sense of humor, she says, has come in handy since then.
"I feel more comfortable about things when i make jokes about them," she says.
It's that exact sense of humor that has gotten her into a bit of viral fame, after screenshots of her hilarious Tinder profile have made their way around the internet.
On Tuesday, Twitter user @memesg0d posted a screenshot of her profile, where you can see that she's listed herself as an "arms dealer," with a 10/10 face, 9/10 body, 20/10 personality, and 1/2 arms.
Though Lauren made her Tinder account a few weeks ago, she shortly thereafter changed her bio to what it is currently.
"I don't really use it I just match with people for a while and then close the app," she says.
Despite that, her profile has gone viral — the tweet with her bio in a screenshot has over 14,000 retweets at the time of writing, and she says she's also had people send Reddit threads where users have posted her profile. Since then, she's had plenty of "superlikes" and compliments on Tinder — though it hasn't necessarily translated into meeting someone she's hit it off with.
"I guess there were a couple guys that could keep up the banter but most were annoying," she says.
Fair enough — after all, they probably should have a wicked sense of humor if they're going to keep up with her.
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