An All-Cheetos Restaurant Will Open Soon

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Cheetos are far more than just a snack — they're a cultural phenomenon. One that now includes a restaurant filled entirely with Cheetos-inspired recipes.
The Spotted Cheetah is opening in New York City from August 15-17, Business Insider reports. The three-course menu includes 11 dishes using nine Cheetos flavors, all concocted by Food Network chef Anne Burrell, according to a press release emailed to Refinery29.
The dishes cost between $8 and $22 each — not a bad deal if you're able to snag one of the limited tables.
To begin the meal, the Dangerously Cheesy Starters include Cheetos Crusted Fried Pickles + Creamy Ranch, Cheetos Meatballs, Purrfectly Fried Green Tomatoes, and Cheetos Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup — which looks like it has actual Cheetos smushed between the bacon and the bread. The main dishes, AKA the Big Cheese, are Flamin 'Hot and White Cheddar Mac n' Cheetos, Cheetos Mix-ups Crusted Chicken Milanese, Spicy Cheetos Nachos, and Flamin 'Hot Limón Chicken Tacos.
The "Sweet Spot" desserts — Cheetos Sweetos Crusted Cheesecake, Cheetos Sweetos Sweet and Salty Cookies, and White Cheddar Cheetos Cheetos Sweetos Apple Crepe — sound like the boldest experiments. Can sweets go with cheese (or whatever the powdery stuff on Cheetos is)? There's only one way to find out.
"As all of you (hopefully) know, I have a passion for cheesy, crunchy and downright delicious food," reads a note on the restaurant's website signed by Chester the Cheetah. "After years of cooking up dishes infused with my cheesy snacks, I was over the moon to discover that Cheetos connoisseurs had started sharing and liking their own. All of the Cheetos sushi rolls, Cheetos bagels, and cheesy Cheetos pizzas gave me a brilliant idea: recruit the most dangerously cheesy celebrity chef, Anne Burrell, to help elevate my almost-purrfect Cheetos recipes for the very first Cheetos restaurant, The Spotted Cheetah."
If you want to see for yourself what Chester's excited about, you can try to reserve a table via Open Table, though it looks like they're filling up quickly. If that's not working for you, you can join the waitlist on The Spotted Cheetah's site and hope the restaurant one day becomes a permanent installment.

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