Safe To Eat Oreo Cookie Dough Is Now On Sale — Here's Where To Find It

The Cookie Dough Café, an edible gourmet cookie dough company featured on Shark Tank, has released a new Oreo cookie dough flavor. A photo posted yesterday by thejunkfoodaisle is captioned, “The Cookie Dough Café Oreo Gourmet Edible Cookie Dough! Found at: Mariano's.
Thejunkfoodaisle's photo shows that the new Cookie Dough Café jar prominently features the word "Oreo," but what's interesting is that the company has long sold what seems like a similar flavor called Cookies & Cream. On the Cookie Dough Café website, the Cookies & Cream flavor is described as "Creamy, delicious, and loaded with chunks of Oreo cookies." So what's new about this Oreo-named flavor?
Based on a post that appeared on the Cookie Dough Café's official Facebook page in June, we believe it seems like the only thing that is actually different about the new flavor is that it bares the Oreo name. The post, which first announced the flavor, simply read, "Coming soon Oreo jars!!!!" That makes us think that the jars are the only new feature.
About a month later, the edible cookie dough company shared a photo of the Oreo cookie dough on its Instagram page and explained through several cryptic hashtags included in the caption that the Oreo-labled jars would first be exclusively available at Mariano's Market.
For now, anyone that doesn't live near a Mariano's location will have to make do with ordering jars of the OG Cookies & Cream flavor straight from the Cookie Dough Café website or through However, more grocery stores could soon follow in Mariano's footsteps and begin stocking the official Oreo Cookie Dough. Though we're still unsure about what makes this flavor special other than its name, we still feel ourselves hoping we'll someday get a chance to try it. We're also hoping the Cookie Dough Café will get super meta and use those limited edition Choco Chip Oreos for its next new flavor.
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