All The Ways You Can Kill A Dragon On Game Of Thrones

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What with all the sex, violence, and political scheming that takes place on Game of Thrones, some fans of the HBO series may have somehow convinced themselves they have not become full-on fantasy geeks. That pretense ends now, because once the phrase "how to kill a dragon" becomes part of your daily conversation, you might as well sign yourself up for the next Ren fair and get out your 20-sided dice. Embrace it proudly, people! Now, here are some theories on said dragon slaying and how to defeat Daenerys and her fire-breathing pets.
Sharp Objects: The most popular method, because it actually worked once, is to drive a large projectile through the eye of a dragon. Even though Bronn failed to kill Drogon in Sunday night's episode, Qyburn's device was based on the fact that the defenders of Dorne killed the great Meraxes with a scorpion bolt to the eye, as Vulture pointed out. The dragons' skin isn't completely impenetrable, too, as witnessed with Drogon's previous injuries. Sharp-shooters could try to weaken and slow the dragon, and then get to its eye. There's also the possibility that some of the other very sharp, pointy weapons that have been effective in the series — things made from Valyrian steel or dragonglass — could pierce the hide of a dragon.
Chains and an Angry Mob: At the end of the Dance of Dragons civil war, as described in George R. R. Martin's A World of Ice and Fire, the commoners broke into the dragon pit at King's Landing and killed three chained dragons with spears and axes. Most of the people died in the process too.
Dragonbinder: The folks at Business Insider reminded us of this instrument, which some think will end up in the hands of Euron Greyjoy, and is supposed to control the dragons. "I am Dragonbinder ... No mortal man should sound me and live ... Blood for fire, fire for blood," the 6-foot-long horn's inscription reads. So, you could blow it to make the dragons kill each other or themselves. But the one time someone did use it in the books, it burned his lungs to a crisp. How does one control dragons while also being dead? If you have to ask that question, you haven't been watching the same show we have.
Capture: This would be the least cinematically satisfying defeat, but Popsugar points out that some dragons died, probably of starvation or maybe poison, in captivity. Please don't go this way, GoT writers. Let them go out in a blaze of glory — or not at all.
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