This Teen's High School Senior Photos Star McDonald's French Fries

At the end of the school year, some high school seniors get photos taken to celebrate completing a major stage of their education. For her senior photos, Mikayla Cleckler wanted to reminisce on one of the best parts of high school: eating McDonald's. So she posed for a McDonald's-themed photoshoot.
Photographer Jana Cooley, who also happens to be Cleckler's cousin, photographed her alongside her favorite McDonald's food and drinks, and the result is absolutely delightful. "Mikayla is actually my cousin and one of my best friends," she told Popsugar. "She texted me and asked if I would mind taking her senior pictures and I responded, 'You know we're taking these at McDonald's, right?' She is OBSESSED with their Buttermilk Chicken Sandwiches and just knowing the type of person she is, we wouldn't be doing the world justice if we didn't incorporate a little humor. We did take 'normal' senior photos as well."
The photos show Cleckler tossing fries in the air, posing whimsically with sandwiches, and looking content as she sits on the sidewalk outside the McDonald's sipping a large drink. In the latter photo, the fruit punch and caramel frappe in the window echo the beverage in Cleckler's hand, which makes you think a lot of thought went into this. It truly is an artistic masterpiece.
The fries, though, were without a doubt the stars of the photoshoot. One of the pictures doesn't even have Cleckler in it. It's just got "2018" spelled out in fries and ketchup.
Another shows her simply admiring a sandwich, because some things are too beautiful to eat.
"I think people are lovin' these photos because they aren't the 'normal' senior pictures you see," Cooley said. "And I think we can all relate to them in some type of way."

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