This Woman's Horrifying Pimple-Popping Story Will Convince You To Wash All Your Makeup Brushes

You've probably heard that you're supposed to wash your makeup brushes, but it's one of those things that can easily slip your mind when you've got other stuff to think about. But reading this woman's pimple-popping story just might give you the motivation you need to remember.
Katie Wright believed she was popping a regular old pimple when it turned out to be something far worse, Some Life reports.
"A week ago, I decided to pick at what I thought was a giant under-the-skin pimple because it had been hurting for a while and got too painful to ignore," she wrote in a note posted to Twitter. She also shared a photo of a huge, angry-looking bump by her right eyebrow.
"Within an hour, my entire face swelled up and HURT. It felt like something was going to burst out of my skin. I went to the emergency room and they said it was a very serious case of Cellulitis, which is a version of a Staph infection, but instead of having a head like Staph, it effects the deeper cellular tissues with no main source to attack. Since it was on my face, there was a huge risk of it spreading to my brain or my eyes causing me to go blind."
Fortunately, that didn't happen: Her face has since healed from this nightmare (she's still got some hefty medical bills, though, which she's started a GoFundMe to raise money for). And to avoid having to relive it, she's vowed to be extra careful about keeping her face clean. Though she'd been washing her makeup brushes, she suspects that the cause of the issue was her failure to wash her eyebrow spoolie.
"I hope people take the extra step in cleaning their brushes — ALL of them, even the ones that come attached to makeup products," she told Refinery29. "As someone who cleans my brushes at least once a week, I can't believe I made the mistake of overlooking my pencil spoolie."
This is one situation where pimple-popping — which is generally not recommended — actually paid off. "It was a blessing in disguise that I exposed it, because if I had left it alone, it could've unknowingly spread internally to my brain and eyes doing a lot more damage. That would've been even more of a medical tragedy instead of a skin lesion," Katie said. "I know better than to pick at my face, and I definitely don't advise picking at pimples, but something felt different about this one. I should have gone to a doctor right away, but I learned the hard way."
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