People Are Already Losing It Over Rachel Lindsay's Engagement Ring

As seasoned members of Bachelorette Nation, we've come to expect certain things from a marathon, three-hour finale episode. Tears. A proposal. More tears. A diamond so big, your TV set better be HD to catch every sparkle — and boy, last night's episode did not disappoint.
Last month, Rachel Lindsay told People that she couldn't wait to share the identity of her fiancé and give fans a glimpse at her engagement ring. Before the season finale aired, Jimmy Kimmel shared a photo of Lindsay's ring and prompted a tidal wave of social media speculation.
"Rachel Lindsay and her fiancé’s leg! See the rest of him on #Kimmel tonight after#TheBacheloretteFinale!," he captioned the post.
In a post-finale world, we know that Rachel is clutching Bryan's beefy quadricep in the above photo. Regardless of how you feel about her choice in fiancé (Peter fans, we feel your pain), you gotta admit she's rocking some pretty exceptional jewelry. Rachel herself was dazzled by the ring — her first response to the proposal was literally "Yes! So pretty! Give it to me! It’s so pretty!” Hmm. While Bryan skeptics may be concerned that Rachel's response seemed to focus more on the ring than the man offering it to her, we'll cut her some slack. Anything that sparkly is bound to be disorienting.
Rachel wasn't the only one overwhelmed by her new jewelry — people across social media are completely enamored with Lindsay's ring.
After one look at this close-up shot, we definitely agree that the winner chose wisely.
Linday's fans are stoked she got a ring that's almost as beautiful as her.
Ahead of the finale, got some details about the ring in question. A source close to Lindsay told the outlet that the ring is massive. "It’s over 3 carats — it’s super, super big," the source said. "It’s a diamond ring with a platinum band — it’s expensive! It was designed by Neil."
Although Bachelor and Bachelorette rings tend to be on the larger side, the source added that Lindsay's “is bigger than ones in the past. It looks gigantic. This one really stands out. It’s a great quality, too.”
Now that Bachelorette Nation knows that Bryan bought the ring (and successfully put it on Rachel's finger), only one question remains: Will their relationship weather the post-season storm? No one can truly guess their relationship's fate, but a rock that big is guaranteed to last forever.

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