It's Official: Los Angeles Will Host The 2028 Summer Olympics

The International Olympic Committee announced today that Los Angeles will host the 2028 Summer Olympics and Paris will host in 2024.
The IOC said in a statement that “Los Angeles presented an excellent candidature that embraces the Olympic Agenda 2020 sustainability priorities by maximising the use of existing facilities and encouraging the engagement of more youth in the Olympic Movement.”
Last week Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti told BuzzFeed that his goal is broader than simply bringing the Olympic games to the city. “My dream with the Olympics is not just to hold the Olympics, but to make sports free for every kid here starting in a year or two starting through our city's rec and sports program,” Garcetti said.
Today marks the first time that the IOC has awarded the Olympics to two cities at once. The decision was partially due to a lack of interest from host nations. Paris and Los Angeles are both considered ideal host cities, but the city of Paris was adamant that it can't host in 2028.
Furthermore, IOC officials reportedly preferred to hold the Olympics in Los Angeles during a year that Trump definitely won't be in office.
Although there's plenty of enthusiasm about the Olympics coming to the City of Angels, there are also concerns. In a statement released by NOlympics LA, the group wrote: "Should L.A. host the Olympics, we will see wide-ranging human rights’ violations and the forfeiture of our city to the interests of contractors, developers, media corporations, and the special interests who designed the bid. Preparing for and hosting the Olympics will place unnecessary financial stress on the citizens of L.A. while also disrupting the lives of the several million people who live and work here."
Garcetti has assured residents that the Games will be privately funded and the city's large number of existing stadiums and arenas give it the ideal infrastructure for hosting the Olympics. The city of Los Angeles also made a deal with the IOC to receive an interest-free loan that will cover the organizing committee's operating costs. The money will go towards youth sports in the city.
"This agreement with the IOC will allow us to seed a legacy of hope and opportunity that will lift up every community in Los Angeles — not in 11 years’ time, but starting now and continuing in the years leading up to the Games," Garcetti said. "L.A. 2028 will kickstart our drive to make L.A. the healthiest city in America by making youth sports more affordable and accessible than ever before."

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