The 10 Best Treats To Cool Off With This Summer

Summer is one of our favorite seasons, but there are days when it's just too hot. We're talking about frying an egg on the side walk, asphalt mirages of Ryan Gosling hot. We could move to Antartica. Or, maybe, just throw ourselves without abandon into the nearest available body of water? If there isn't a nearby river, lake, ocean, or even an apartment bathtub filled with ice, then it's time we turn to the next best thing: frozen desserts.
Although we would never seasonally sequester our favorite freezer treats (because you better believe we'll be spooning ice cream in the dead of winter), we do happen to hold a fonder place in our hearts (and internal body temps) for these chilled products during the warmer months. When a summertime escape from the city heat just isn't in the cards or our budgets, we can always just give in and live in our freezers for three months. In other words, we'll be turning any of the sweat-filled evenings ahead around by pulling open the handles on those cold doors for a stick, pop, or a pint of sweet, frosty relief.
And because this summer has seemed to mark a rise in the trendy frozen treat scene, we've gone ahead and rounded up the chillest brands to cool down with. The ahead ten products aren't your average nostalgia-filled, beloved childhood treats from those sticky finger-filled dog days of yesteryear — instead, we've got the fancy adult-indulgent goods you'll be craving to get a grip on; From chocolate-dipped frozen bananas to spike-your-own cocktail ice and bellini push pops, and more. Scroll ahead to get your fill faster than you can say 90 degrees. At the end of the day, biting into one of these is cheaper, quicker, and chiller than booking that one-way flight to Antartica.

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