This Cheese Puff Snack Tastes Like Crunchy Mac & Cheese

Illustrated by Louisa Cannell.
What's on my desk this week? A big bag of White Cheddar Bunny Tail Puffs from Annie's Homegrown. You may know Annie's from its Cheddar Bunnies snacks or macaroni and cheese offerings. But, Bunny Tail Puffs? What the heck are those?! We wondered the exact same thing — that is, before we tore open the bag. And what we discovered may just be one of the most genius savory snack mashup creations of all time.
Upon first glance at the packaging, Annie's newest snack bag appeared to be mix between a cheese puff and a cracker (i.e. it wasn't your standard cheese puff shape, but had the look of puffy porousness to it). When we opened it, we were struck with a sharp, yet subtle cheddar scent. The puffs themselves were a substantial snacking size (not too big, not too small) and felt light and airy in our palms. Bonus: we weren't assaulted by a cheesy-dust film on our fingertips, as other puffs (who shall remain unnamed) have been found guilty of in past munching sessions. The texture? Also light and airy with the perfect crispy-crunch bite. The flavor? Truly like a box of macaroni and cheese. It was as if two of our favorite and aforementioned products from Annie's had harmoniously come together and birthed a savory snack super child. Sadly, the opened bag did not even last the day. By the time evening came, those Bunny Tails were no more. Everything down to the cheesy crumbs had been happily consumed.
Bust into your own bag online for $3.89 — or give the more classic Cheddar Cheesy Puffs a try (Annie's organic rendition of the neon-colored cheesy puffs of our past?).
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