Disney Cut A Gay Kiss From Descendants 2

Photo: Courtesy of Disney.
Disney's latest made-for-TV movie, Descendants 2, broke a slew of records during its premiere last Friday night. Fans tuned in across six networks, but one scene that some expected was cut from the film.
According to Teen Vogue, two male characters, Harry Hook (Thomas Doherty) and Gil (Dylan Playfair), were supposed to share a kiss in the final cut, but the scene was axed.
Readers familiar with the film's source material know that the two characters — one is the son of Peter Pan's Captain Hook and the other is Gaston from Beauty and the Beasts' son — do kiss in the book.
According to Playfair's Instagram account, the two actors did film it. He posted the image, which shows the two characters locked in a kiss, and wrote, "An accurate representation of my year to date." Doherty shared the same image, adding, "A truly, inspiringly, beautiful human being."

An accurate representation of my year to date...#descendants2 #love #Magic

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After the image went live, fans of the book series flooded both images' comments with questions. Many of them wanted to know why the kiss got cut, especially since many of the movie's viewers have presumably read the book and expected it to be included in the film adaptation.
Fans also tweeted about the situation, saying that they were "robbed" of the kiss. Others were insisting that they were already shipping the couple. There's still hope for those fans, however, since there may be a sequel in the works already that could expand on the budding relationship.
This edit marks Disney's second brush with same-sex love in recent memory. Back in March, the live-action adaptation of Beauty and the Beast included a gay storyline involving Le Fou (Josh Gad), which concluded with him dancing with another male character. It may be some time before squeaky-clean Disney shows a fully realized same-sex relationship in one of its films, but fans' reaction to the kiss that could have been shows that some people are ready for it.
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