These Teens Said They Bought A House & People On Twitter Got Really Mad

It's a tale as old as (internet) time. Someone posts a joke, people freak out, memes ensue. The internet hive mind always needs somewhere to direct its outrage, right?
That's exactly what happened when Natalia Kaiser, 17, and her boyfriend Joe O'Brien, 16 — two teens from Texas who met playing tennis at school — posted a pic of themselves posing in front of Joe's aunt's house. The caption? "We just bought our first house at the age of 17&16. So proud of how hard we worked these last few years to get it."
We don't know about you, but we think it's pretty hard to mistake this for anything but a joke. Not only is it illegal for teens to buy real estate, but who has the money?
"We had bought matching shirts earlier that day and Joe's brother's girlfriend wanted to take a picture with her boyfriend because they looked cute. So Joe and I also took a photo because we were matching," Natalia told Teen Vogue. "The photo was taken in front of a house, and I thought it was funny-looking because we looked like homeowners. So that's why I decided to post it with the caption not thinking anything of it."
They said they weren't expecting this tweet to bring them their 15 minutes of internet fame. (Or were they? Hmmm...) "I knew our friends would understand it was a joke, because clearly we are underage and our parents would never, ever let us do that," she continued. "It's gotten way more attention than I ever anticipated."
Twitter has a funny way of making things happen that really shouldn't happen. As of now, their tweet has over 19,000 likes, over 3,000 retweets, and too many meme-ified responses to count.
Some poor souls seemed to actually believe them...
Some dragged them for seeking attention...
Some played the voice of reason...
The memes are so good, though.
Natalia's Twitter bio now says, "I am not a homeowner." (Just so we're all 100% clear on that.)

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