3 Rice Krispies Treat Ideas That Are Instagram-Gold

Photographed by Evi Abeler.
Rice Krispies treats are one of those nostalgia-inducing dessert-snacks that we can't seem to shake. No matter how far beyond our childhood days we may currently be (but seriously, who's counting?), biting into one of the melty, marshmallowy, gooey, buttery, crunchy, crispy squares instantly takes us back. Not only are they insanely delicious, they're also cheap and easy to make at home. All you really need to have on hand for a standard batch is some butter, marshmallows, and crispy rice cereal. But, today we're not talking about standard batches — we're here to talk Instagram gold!
What do regular old crispy rice treats and social media domination have in common? Well, as it turns out, a lot actually, thanks to Jessica Siskin. You may already be familiar with Siskin's work via her wildly popular Insta-account, Misterkrisp — where one giant, crunchy, and marshmallowy cheeseburger took the feed stream by storm, kicking off the crispy rice treat's trendy revolution.
We've admired her works of food art from afar, tapping our smart phone screens in assent, dreaming of creating such edible engagements on our very own feeds, and perhaps even attempting such creations. (There is a reason for why those past attempts have not been 'grammed). But we've yet to truly know the secret behind her treat-crafting ways. That is, until we read Siskin's upcoming genius recipe book, Treat Yourself! How to Make 93 Ridiculously Fun No-Bake Crispy Rice Treats, where the marshmallow master bestows us with all her creative crispy knowledge. And in anticipation of this kick-ass cookbook, we have three trendy recipes featured ahead. So you can whip up your very own crispy rice avocados, doughnuts, and even an order of eggs and bacon at home. Get ready for Instagram gold, y'all.

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