IHOP Relates To Our Millennial Adulting Pains More Than We Realized

Being an adult is hard. There are bills to pay. Hangovers have gone from mildly annoying to requiring a multi-day recovery. Plus, we have to worry about things like oil changes and Roth IRAs. It’s enough to make us wish, sometimes, that we could give it all up and be a kid again.
Or maybe what we need is to live our life like a breakfast food. That’s IHOP’s latest proposal in a tweet that’s cracking up those on the internet who relate to the suggestion all too well.
It sounds silly, but if you think about it: Pancakes don’t have to argue with their landlords about rent increases. Pancakes don't need to remember to buy more toilet paper. Plus, it sounds like a cozy way to live, all slathered in butter and hot off a griddle. But don’t worry, IHOP says if you’re vibing a different kind of sweet breakfast dish, you can be that too.
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That tweet isn’t the first time IHOP has made an absurdist, pancake-related joke. In fact, of IHOP’s twitter feed seems to include one pancake- or breakfast-related tweet a day.
Except for a recent tweet about Beyonce’s twins, which also speaks to us in a real way (and also is a better brand-related Carter twins tweet than one of their competitors managed to come up with earlier this year), they stay steadfastly on their breakfast message.
With a bevy of slight off-kilter pancake observational humor already coming from their account, it’s not immediately clear why this particular tweet took off. We imagine the timing might have had something to do with it. After all, by the end of the week, we’re ready to give up on the whole adulting thing in favor of laying around in a stack of blankets at home, kind of like a human short stack.
While IHOP doesn’t provide actual instructions for becoming a pancake, you can check out our tips for making your own best pancakes ever — which may be the next best thing.

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