Teen Wolf Fans Can Expect Plenty Of Skin From Scott & Malia

Photo: Todd Williamson/Getty Images.
Comic-Con fans expect major news, maybe a spoiler or two, and maybe some face time with their favorite stars, but during an event with Entertainment Weekly, the Teen Wolf cast revealed a lot more than just plot points.
Shelley Hennig, who plays Malia, told the magazine that fans can expect even more skin than normal in the show's upcoming season.
Fans already expect a lot of flesh, but the steamy shower scene that they caught in the preview for the show's final season took many by surprise, since it showed Malia
"The last scene that I shot, I keep saying that I'm naked in it...it's next to this guy," Hennig said before Posey quickly added, "Naked!"
Then, came the big news: "We do it more than once," Hennig added.
That's a major change from the couple's status as super-close friends and packmates. But the show did have viewers thinking that the two would be more than just friends when Scott was teaching Malia how to control her powers. During the panel, the show's executive producer, Jeff Davis, explained that putting the two characters together was actually an experiment that happened to create a spark on-screen.
"It was a lot about where we wanted to see the characters end up. It was our last 10 episodes and we were like, 'Look, what story lines, what relationships, what paths haven’t we gone down yet and why not, and let's just see where it goes,'" he told EW. "Sometimes with romances, we do a few test-out scenes where we see how the chemistry works, and it just really worked with them."
Teen Wolf viewers are no strangers to seeing skin on the show. It's an occupational hazard that comes with transforming from a naked animal into a human, after all. It turns out that the final 10 episodes will be more than just a chance to check out ripped wolfmen and their coyote mates. Under all that steam and smolder, Davis says that fans can expect a finale that'll bring on the waterworks.
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