Funfetti-Flavored Popcorn Is Here For Everyone Who's Both Salty & Sweet

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Some people believe that the perfect snack is made up of both salty and sweet. Chocolate-covered pretzels are always a winner, and we jump at the chance to try anything labeled “salted caramel.” Some people even think a little sprinkle of salt on top of a chocolate chip cookie takes the treat from tasty to out-of-this-world. One popcorn company recently decided to try its hand at this flavor combo, and though we’re usually down for salty plus sweet, the this product is giving us pause. It’s Pop Secret’s new limited edition Popfetti.
As you may have guessed from the name, Popfetti is funfetti-inspired popcorn, and we came across the new product thanks to Cosmopolitan. At first glance it looks like it’s just popcorn with some colorful sprinkles added to the mix, but it actually borrows flavors from funfetti cake. The description on the Popfetti package reads, "Yellow Cake and Buttercream Frosting with Red and Blue Sprinkles," but it's not totally clear what that means. Does the snack contain actual bits of yellow cake in addition to the popcorn? Are the popcorn pieces coated in real buttercream frosting?

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According to a review from the food blog Junk Banter, however, the popcorn is meant to have the flavors of buttercream frosting and yellow cake so don't expect to find actual bites of your favorite birthday cake. Junk Banter reports that Popfetti "has a delicate balance of sweet & salty with some vanilla frosting notes and a bit of butter flavor to boot." Though that's not enough to totally convinced to try it, we do believe that the flavor combo is "addictive," as Junk Banter says.
For anyone who is willing microwave a pouch of cake-flavored popcorn kernels and multi-colored sprinkles, Pop Secret says you can find Popfetti at Walgreens, Giant Eagle, Food Lion, Smart and Final, and more grocery chains. This limit edition popcorn flavor was released in celebration of the Fourth of July, so we're guessing it won't be on store shelves too much longer. That means if you're a sucker for any snack that's both salty and sweet, you better find a box of this Pop Secret popcorn soon.
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