3 Recipes That Prove Vegan Food Can Be Cheap, Easy & Delicious

Photo: Courtesy of Allie Lehman.
We often assume that vegan recipes are cheaper to execute than their meaty counterparts. But, many of our fave meat- and dairy-free dishes are centered around fresh produce. And these ingredients, unfortunately, do not come cheap or last long in our busy lives and crowded fridge spaces. But just because some limitations exist, that doesn't mean that we should throw in the kitchen towel altogether. Because with every culinary challenge comes a handy hack!
And for this particular problem, we have a secret weapon solution: Katie Koteen's and Kate Kasbee's crafty cookbook, Frugal Vegan. Full of "Affordable, easy, and delicious vegan cooking," Koteen's and Kasbee's recipe book serves as our crash course in vegan dining on a dime. From breakfast to lunch, dinner, dessert, snacks, and sauces, each dish utilizes budget-friendly ingredients that aren't at high risk of ending up past their prime.
Click ahead for three ideas, savory and sweet, to get you started!

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