This Guy Gave His Date A Kale Bouquet & It Was Actually Really Sweet

Look, dating someone with a different diet than you have can be hard to adjust to at first. Maybe the other person is vegetarian and you aren't, or maybe they have a gluten allergy and you can't quit bread. You don't necessarily have to conform to their diet, but it probably helps to be accommodating.
One guy went above and beyond that, however, when he learned that his date was vegan.
A Reddit user who goes by rundarthmittens shared a photo of some leafy greens in a colander, writing, "I went on a first date the other day, and it came up that I was vegan. On the second date he brought me a couple bunches of kale from his garden."
Okay, so not every vegan is obsessed with kale, or even eats kale, but it was a nice gesture — the guy remembered his date's lifestyle and even went to the effort of giving them something that he grew himself.
In any regular circumstance, picking some greens from your garden (that aren't even flowers, mind you) and fashioning them into a "bouquet" for your date would seem, well, cheap. But in this case, we think it's actually really sweet that this guy wanted to show his date that he a) is a good listener, b) is a great gardener, and c) is very creative — and it seems like a lot of other Reddit users agreed.
"It's like getting flowers, but you can eat them!" one user pointed out in the thread.
"Keep this guy around for awhile," another wrote.
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