Here's How Much The Apartments In Your Favorite Movies Really Cost

Photo: HBO/Photofest.
We know the apartments in our favorite TV shows and movies are just a suggestion of reality; a souped-up version of what the characters' homes would look like in real life. But sometimes we wonder: Just how unrealistically lavish are some of them?
It's been well-documented, for example, that there's no way in hell Carrie Bradshaw would have been able to afford her Upper East Side apartment by writing one column a week. But what about other beloved fictional characters, from movies like When Harry Met Sally, Pretty Woman, and Sleepless In Seattle? compiled an impressively detailed analysis of how much the houses and apartments in classic movies (Is Sex and the City a classic now? Maybe not, but we digress.) would actually cost today. Let's start with Carrie Bradshaw’s UES brownstone, located at 245 E. 73rd St. in NYC, but filmed in the West Village at 66 Perry St.: It would cost $3,000 a month to rent in today’s market, although Carrie only paid $700 per month for the rent-controlled place.
Carrie and Mr. Big's pre-war penthouse apartment — yes, the one with the dream closet — which is located across from the Metropolitan Museum of Art at 1010 5th Ave., rents for $190,000 a month, and its price is $40 to $50 million.
As Carrie said, "I think I died and went to real estate heaven!" See more real real estate prices of movie homes, ahead.

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