Why Sophia Bush Is Speaking Out About Birth Control

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In case you didn't already know, people use birth control for plenty of reasons other than contraception — and that's why Sophia Bush is speaking out about our rights to birth control access.
In an interview with Cosmopolitan, the actress discussed why she decided to team up with Teva Women's Health to launch the #NoHormonesPlz campaign to raise awareness for the many different forms of birth control there are.
"It's [important to] talk about empowering women by giving them sovereignty over their own bodies, particularly in a climate where women’s rights are being attacked," she told Cosmo. "I’m lucky that I went to a very progressive all-girls school growing up, and it felt like a safe space for these issues to be discussed. Not everyone has that luxury."
"The real point of having a birth-control conversation is talking about how a woman, whether she’s single or has a partner, gets to plan her life," she added.
But as we know, birth control isn't just about being able to be in control of your life (though that's an important reason for using it).
"Some women need to use hormonal birth control because of endometriosis or because of their skin or because whatever’s going on in their particular body and their particular cocktail of DNA," Bush pointed out to Cosmo. "Some women don’t want to add anything to the mix of their body or fare much better with birth control that is non-hormonal."
She's right — many of us use birth control to regulate periods, or to lessen extreme menstrual symptoms. Either way, as Bush said, the right to access birth control is one that improves so many of our lives, no matter which form of birth control is right for us.
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