This Mom Tried Ordering Pizza With The Domino's App & Things Went Horribly Wrong

We have seen our fair share of hilarious technology fails from parents. Whether it's our own family members' mess-ups or goofs committed by our friends' moms and dads, these tech fails almost always give us a good laugh. However, we just came across one fail that's actually a little bit sad, and that's because pizza was at stake.
Recently, B.J. Stead, the guitarist for the band Miss May I, posted a photo to Twitter of the most pathetic looking pizza we have ever seen. It is basically just a pale circle of bread cut into slices and topped with some weirdly dark pepperonis. Accompanying the photo, Stead wrote, "My mom used the dominos app for the first time and forgot to get sauce and cheese. Dead." This poor, poor woman. Take a look at the pizza she got:
It looks like we're not the only ones who felt sorry for this mom who was just trying to get a simple pepperoni pizza. A few days later, Stead posted another photo to the Twitter thread, and it showed a hand-written note from DiGiorno. The note read, "Hopefully you deleted the app by now. Here's 10 on us and the best part? They'll all have cheese and sauce." That's right, DiGiornos sent this family 10 coupons for free pizza.
Dominos also responded — somewhat awkwardly — offering instructions on how to place an easy order, but nobody seemed to think it was quite as helpful as DiGiorno's move, not even the mom who originally placed the order.
Even though this little pizza ordering snafu left this mom with the saddest pizza ever, even those of us who take pizza extremely seriously have to admit it's pretty funny. As for the mom, she says she's pretty much done dealing with online orders.
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