5 Fast & Fresh No-Cook Summer Breakfasts

Photographed by Ted Cavanaugh.
Even though we aren't exactly morning people, we are always breakfast people. It's a meal we never skip and we'd go to battle over asserting that, yes, it is the best dining time of the day. Breakfast food is not only easy to assemble and a hell of a lot more affordable than lunch and dinner, but it's also a uniquely double-edged sword in the flavor department. Morning time nosh wields the power to be either savory, sweet, OR both.
But, the best part about breakfast is that there are plenty of no-cook options. And during the hot summer months, especially, we say no thank you to sweating it out over a stove. Even if you don't happen to be a meal prep kind of person, that's okay! Because breakfast — when it's this fresh, fast, and flavorful — is another story, completely. And to prove it, I made (and happily ate) a week's worth of fast, packable, and fruit-forward morning recipes for easy weekday noshing.
Click ahead for five customizable summertime a.m. staples that you can either enjoy at home (before dashing out the door), spoon while on-the-move, or even assemble in office (note: envious stares to be expected).

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