Elizabeth Warren's Husband Had The Sweetest & Most Relatable Surprise For Their Anniversary

Photo: Suzanne Kreiter/The Boston Globe/Getty Images.
For their 37th wedding anniversary, Sen. Elizabeth Warren's husband Bruce Mann surprised her with a gift that wasn't just sweet, but extremely useful.
Be honest. After you've been together with someone this long, would you really want another romantic dinner or couples' massage? For many people, a practical gift that saves them time is infinitely better.
As the senior senator from Massachusetts and a leading voice of the resistance, as well as an advocate on issues like incarcerated women's rights, we doubt Sen. Warren has a ton of time to devote to activities like cleaning out her closet. And as her loving husband, Mann knows this.
That's why his gift for her, about which she posted on Instagram yesterday, was pitch-perfect.
"My sweetie Bruce and I are in DC this week," Warren started her caption. (She calls him sweetie all the time, gah.) "Last night when I got home, Bruce met me with a sweeping 'ta-da!' and flung open the door to the hall closet. New shelf. Hooks. A place for grocery bags. 'Happy Early Anniversary!' Ok, that may not seem very romantic, but I LOVE organized closets. (Yes, I hang all my jackets together, arranged by color.) But I have zero time to hang a shelf and even less time to get out the drill and put up some hooks. The new shelf and hooks (and Bruce’s enthusiasm for them) made me laugh — and reminded me just how sweet and thoughtful Bruce always is."
Okay, who else is not at all surprised that Sen. Warren loves organized closets and hangs all of her jackets arranged by color? She's wrong about one thing, though: There's nothing more romantic than giving your partner the gift of more free time (or work time) by knocking out tedious domestic tasks.
Sen. Warren proposed to Mann back in 1980, after she fell in love with him while watching him teach a class. (Yep, she's even more of a badass feminist role model than we thought.)
His reaction? "He stared back at me," she wrote in a Facebook post about their 36th anniversary last year. "It was not the first (or last) time that I gob smacked him. If I was a hard-charging, go-to-the-mat-for-whatever-you-believe kind of professor, he was more of a scholarly, camping-out-in-the-archives-poring-over-an-old-legal-manuscript kind. I’m usually the one with the wild schemes, and he’s usually the voice of reason, calmly explaining why it isn’t a great idea to paint the ceiling dark purple or rip all those unknown vines out of the overgrown flower bed by hand (lesson learned: poison ivy)."
Two things we learned here: 1. These two are the perfect match. 2. This isn't the first time Mann has rescued her from a home disaster.

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