Ben & Jerry's Is Now Offering Home Delivery & Making Summer Dreams Come True

Photo: Courtesy of Ben & Jerry's.
In this sweltering summer heat there’s truly nothing more refreshing than a scoop (or pint) of ice cream. But, oftentimes, this happy feeling is quickly overpowered by the speed in which that once Instagram-worthy treat turns to ice cream soup. Sure you can solve this problem by buying a pint at your local store, but if the walk home is longer than five minutes, more ice cream soup ensues and now it's all over your other groceries.
Luckily, a new (glorious) age of ice cream delivery is on the horizon. And Ben & Jerry's is officially on board to help take this trend to the next level. Yes, that's right, Ben & Jerry’s, recently released the option to order its beloved pints and pint slices from its website right to your door.
According to Huffington Post, Ben & Jerry’s now features close to all of its ice cream flavors for purchase on its website. Even though Ben & Jerry’s is available practically everywhere, its Digital Company Manager, Mike Hayes, explained to the Huffington Post that the company, “wants to make it easy for our fans to buy the flavors they love.” While this does eliminate our aforementioned ice cream soup problem and helps fans avoid the soul-crushing realization that their grocery store is out of their favorite flavor, convenience comes with a catch. Each pint is priced at $6.99 and two-day shipping costs a whopping $19.
Despite being one of the biggest brands in ice cream to join the delivery trend, Ben & Jerry's isn't the first. Baskin Robbins recently began to offer at home delivery through DoorDash, and several other cult-favorite artisanal brands, like Ample Hills Creamery and Jeni's already offer to ship pints to customers.
We would like to thank the ice cream gods for this opportunity, and can’t wait to give this new service a try. Who knew ice cream soup would become last year's problem?!

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