Move Over Jon Snow, There's A New Game Of Thrones Sex Symbol In Town

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
It turns out, a new haircut and some updated duds can go a long way in the Seven Kingdoms. According to Entertainment Weekly, Euron Greyjoy is trying to become Game Of Thrones' newest sex symbol, and the actor who plays him, Pilou Asbæk, is putting in the work. Quite literally, since the magazine reported he was wearing a Crossfit T-shirt during this interview.
While a season 7 photo of Theon and Yara's power hungry uncle hasn't been released, EW reports that Asbæk is getting a "sexier close-cropped style and swaggering black robes." For a tease of what he may look like, it's worth checking out Asbæk's Instagram where the Danish actor's posted a few photos of himself with far less hair. Seriously, Jon Snow may want to watch out.
But Euron's wardrobe isn't the only thing getting an update in season 7. Apparently, his personality is also changing. “He’s much more just f—ing enjoying himself this season,” Asbæk told EW. “He’s more charming. He takes himself seriously, but not too seriously.”
Co-executive producer Bryan Cogmananother had a different way of describing Euron that may pique your interest. “He brings a different energy to the show,” he told EW. “He’s the kind of guy who will kill you and steal your girlfriend.”
Basically, beware of a pretty face since Asbæk has already teased that his character could be the biggest baddie GOT has ever seen. He may actually be worse than Ramsay Bolton, if you can even believe that. Honestly, we kind of can, since the first time we meet Euron he's murdering his brother. Not a great first impression.
No surprise, Euron is interested in the Iron Throne, and is looking to make a move for the woman who currently occupies it. Last season, Euron was looking to marry Daenerys, but Asbæk believes Cersei Lannister is a much better fit.
“For Euron, the question is, ‘Who gives me the best odds?’” he told EW. “Is it the dragon mother? No. Is it with Cersei? I think it is. Dany is still trying to be a good, decent, honest person. Cersei sold her soul many years ago." Asbæk even joked, "Maybe that’s why Euron likes the idea of her.”
Euron may be fighting for the Iron Throne, but it seems more likely he's going to earn himself the title of the Game Of Thrones character we all love to hate. Luckily, he may also be someone we love looking at.

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