We Chewed 8 Packs Of Gum To See Which One Lasted The Longest

Have you ever gotten caught chewing a piece of gum that's minty-fresh at the start, but then disintegrates within minutes to a flavorless piece of mush? Maybe you already have your tried-and-true gum brand of choice (for example, one of our tasters is Orbit-obsessed), or maybe you take whatever piece you can get (I am a self-professed gum-bummer), but at the end of the day, do you really know which brand is giving you the most mint for your chew? We put our jaws to work in order to find out!
In order to cure our chewing curiosity, we decided to test out a few of the major gum brands. Ahead we chewed eight packs of various peppermint-flavored options in search of the longest lasting, mintiest winner. We chewed a stick or piece from each pack for a total of ten minutes in order to profile the overall mintiness, texture, and flavor longevity of each. So scroll on to see which pack came out on top.

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