This Is The World's Favorite Color — But Is It Yours?

Photo: Christopher Furlong/Getty Images.
Thousands of people in over 100 countries voted for their favorite color in a survey conducted by British paper company G . F Smith. The result? A teal shade that the company has dubbed Marrs Green.
The name honors survey participant Annie Marrs, who picked the hue that most closely matched the winning shade, reported House Beautiful U.K.
"I'm absolutely delighted to have picked the 'World's Favourite Colour'!" said Marrs. "The color was inspired by the landscape that surrounds me at home in Scotland, and that deep-green hue with a tinge of blue has always been a favorite of mine."
Designers, brands, and individuals now have access to the shade, and G. F Smith is even hosting a pop-up shop in Hull, U.K., selling a variety of iconic British products in Marrs Green.
Caroline Till, editor of Pantone's Viewpoint Colour magazine, told House Beautiful U.K. that humans have a psychological need for this calming shade, especially in the current climate of anxiety-provoking upheaval.
"As the contemporary condition of 'nature deficit' rises in the context of increasingly urban and digital lifestyles, we seek to reconnect with the natural world, hence the current global popularity of the color green," she said. "In these uncertain times, where political and social upheaval has become the norm, we crave the calming tranquility of green and its association with the reassuring certainty of nature's cycles."
Now, it makes perfect sense to us why this is the world's favorite color — and why we can't get enough of it ourselves.

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