PSA: This Random Celeb Was In The Tobey Maguire Spider-Man

In light of the upcoming reboot of Spider-Man, we want to remind you of something: Joe Manganiello, the impressive ball of muscles married to Sofia Vergara, appeared — dare I say starred — in the 2002 version starring Tobey Maguire. He played Flash Thompson, the school asshole, who gets into a food fight with a recently bitten (a.k.a. newly powered) Peter Parker. Clad in a striped polo and a regrettable chain wallet, Manganiello is nearly unrecognizable. (The spiky gelled hair doesn't help.)
Note: this was in 2002 (or 2001), years before Manganiello would make a name for himself as the werewolf Alcide Herveaux on HBO's True Blood.
Behold, the glory that is Flash Thompson:
In the above clip, Peter (Tobey Maguire) and Flash (Mr. Manganiello) get into a little scuffle. According to Manganiello, when he was on set, a crew member offered him $100 to punch Tobey Maguire for real.
"There was a crew guy who came up to me and said, 'Listen, I'll give you a hundred dollars if you hit him in the face by accident," Manganiello recalled on the since-cancelled Pete Holmes Show. "A couple of the other guys are in on it." The then 24-year-old didn't do it, naturally.
"Did you think about it?" Host Pete Holmes asked.
"I probably never would have worked again," Manganiello replied. (Not that we're encouraging punching anyone, per se, but $100 seems a little short when you're talking actor-on-actor violence. )
It was a wise decision for Manganiello, because he went on to have a pretty fabulous career. These days, he's known as Alcide, or Big Dick Richie from Magic Mike, or — if you're a true fan — Brad Morris on How I Met Your Mother. Flash Thompson is a fading speck in the distance.
In Spider-Man: Homecoming, which is in theaters July 7, Tony Revolori plays a less spiky-haired version of Flash. In fact, the 2017 version of Flash is the president of debate team and an aspiring DJ. He wears a mustard-colored blazer, and he pops his collar. It's a far cry from Joe Manganiello. (See Revolori's Flash, below!)
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