Will Ferrell Loved To See Jimmy Fallon Break Character On SNL As Much As You Did

Seeing cast members on SNL break into laughter mid-sketch is one of the most enjoyable parts of the beloved show. There's something so humanizing about seeing professionals lose their shit over the same silly jokes we love at home. But fans aren't the only ones who enjoy a good crack-up; it turns out the actors enjoy it just as much as we do.
While "couch-surfing" on Entertainment Weekly: The Show comedian Will Ferrell admitted that he and his former SNL co-star Rachel Dratch would intentionally add things to their disgusting, yet hysterical sketch, "Love-Ahs" to rattle Jimmy Fallon.
"The basic purpose of every time we did this sketch was to try to make Jimmy Fallon laugh, which is not hard to do," Ferrell said on the show.
As you may recall, "Love-Ahs" was all about two professors, Roger and Virginia, who had a knack for making social situations incredibly uncomfortable by talking, sometimes in great detail, about their love-making habits. Additionally, the pair would sometimes pull out foods like spiced lamb and "seductively" stuff each other's faces.
Watch Fallon lose it in the clip below.
"We just tried to be gross and overly inappropriate and sexual," Ferrell told Entertainment Weekly: The Show.
Though EW reports that Ferrell starred with Dratch in the now-famous sketch five times, it seems he kept up with the comedic style. Watch Anchorman and you'll get a little glimpse of Roger during some of the raunchier scenes.
As for Fallon and Ferrell, they still occasionally get together to have a little fun. Earlier this month, Ferrell visited The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and proved that even without the hot tub, he still knows exactly how to make his old pal bust up.

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