Justin Theroux's Going To Strip If He Gets An Emmy Nod (So Says His Boss)

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Damon Lindelof, the executive producer of The Leftovers, has made it well known that he's a fan of full-frontal male nudity. This week, he decided that others who share his passion should finally get to see star Justin Theroux's full monty ... but only if the show gets nominated for an Emmy.
"Nominate Theroux and the sweatpants go away," Lindelof wrote in an Instagram post on Monday, the last day of nomination voting for members of the Television Academy.
In case you were in a bunker awaiting the apocalypse, Lindelof is referring to the scene in his show's first episode, when Theroux's character Kevin went jogging without much support in his nether regions. The way that scene of his flopping penis went viral embarrassed the actor, he later told Elle.
"It's like having someone yank your shorts down in public. It doesn't feel great," he said.

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How then, must he feel about his boss offering him up like a very delicious bribe for Emmy voters? The offers (there are seven posts in all) did seem enticing.

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"Nominate Brenneman and we'll explain what she found at the bottom of the ocean. (Hint: Theroux's sweatpants)," Lindelof wrote, asking for a nod for Amy Brenneman.
"Nominate Mimi because she is an incredible director ... but also here is Theroux with his twelve-pack," he teased, promoting director Mimi Leder.

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"The audience still has a very odd reaction to seeing male genitalia," Lindelof told TVLine earlier this month. "Yet when they see female genitalia or naked breasts, they're completely nonchalant about it." This appears to be a continuation of his campaign to promote equal-opportunity exposure.
At the same time, if you imagined a producer saying this of his female costar, it's potentially awful, especially because Theroux was one cast member who specifically refused to bare all on screen. Hopefully, Lindelof got Theroux's permission before starting this gag. Either way, we'll find out if it worked on July 13, when the Emmy nominations will be announced.
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