This Twitter Account Is Setting The Record Straight About Satanism

Photo: Getty Images.
One of the most basic and surprising things about satanism, as it's observed by the Church of Satan, is that its followers don't worship Satan or the Devil. LaVeyan satanism, founded by Anton LaVey in 1966, is actually an atheistic faith that's founded on values like individualism, rationality, and freedom.
Nevertheless, satanists tend to get a bad rap. They've been accused of brainwashing kids, infiltrating the government, and worse. It's no wonder, then, that the moderator of the Church of Satan's Twitter account seems to spend most of their time refuting gross misconceptions and flat-out lies about their religion.
In the last month alone, satanism has been equated with everything from mayonnaise to racial supremacy. And no comparison is too low for the Church to debunk. Like clockwork, the moderator will retweet and respond to the original poster (often to hilarious effect).
The account's "pinned tweet" at the top of its page is actually an in-depth thread, explaining why the Church even entertains these tweets. In it, the moderator writes, "Today 'satanism' has again become an insult hurled at anything someone despises. Islam, Jews, Christians, LGBT, liberals, republicans, democrats, comedians, fidget spinners, pop music — all recently accused of 'satanism.' Wrong. We’re here to correct these intentional misnomers for the record."
When the account isn't directly responding to someone else's absurd claims about satanism, it's proactively posting quotes and resources on satanism for its followers.
Ahead, we've rounded up some of our favorite recent tweets from the Church of Satan. We highly recommend you give this account a follow for some major myth-busting (and for some good, old-fashioned satanic enlightenment).

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