This Hello Kitty Ice Cream Collaboration Is A Childhood Dream Come True

Photographed by Nicole Maroon.
One thing that has made entering adulthood more bearable is that Hello Kitty has never stopped being cool. We’ve gone from the days of coloring in our Hello Kitty coloring books and wearing Hello Kitty stick on earrings to shopping for shockingly chic Hello Kitty clothing from Lazy Oaf and sporting lipstick and blush from ColourPop’s Hello Kitty collection. Now, that cute cat has her sights set on yet another very important part of our adult lives: ice cream. According to FoodBeast, Afters Ice Cream, a California-based chain, is collaborating with Hello Kitty to create two brand new flavors.
A few days ago, Afters Ice Cream posted a photo of the new Hello Kitty-inspired flavors, and they look both delicious and as cute as the cartoon kitten herself. According to the post, the flavors are Strawberry Cake and Mama's Apple Pie. The Strawberry ice cream is the most precious shade of Pink that we just know Hello Kitty would love. In case you forgot your Hello Kitty trivia from the Sanrio notebook you used to carry around everywhere, consider this your official reminder that Hello Kitty's favorite food is her mother's apple pie. Hence, the second ice cream flavor.
Afters explained in the caption of the post that the two HK flavors will be sold in shops starting June 29, and it looks like they will be summer exclusives. A rep for Afters Ice Cream told us both flavors will be available until August 13.
Not only is Afters bringing us Hello Kitty ice cream flavors, the Afters location in Irvine, California is completely decked out in HK-inspired decor. Hello Kitty herself will be showing up for the official launch party Thursday, June 29 at 7 p.m. In addition to ice cream, Afters' first 100 customers will also get an adorable Hello Kitty ice cream T-shirt. This ice cream shop is giving us so many more ways to keep our childhood obsession with Hello Kitty going.

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