These Behind-The-Scenes Bachelor Secrets Will Leave You Shook

Bachelor Nation aficionados, be prepared to have your world totally rocked. BuzzFeed has released no less than 34 behind-the-scenes secrets about the franchise.
Former contestants have opened up about the filming process and they're very chatty and eager to provide us with the dirt about what really goes on in the mansion. What could possibly be so shocking, you ask? Well, if you thought it was a little crazy to get engaged to someone you've only known for six weeks, former Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky has got news for you.
“You spend so little time with the person you choose before the final rose ceremony. I would say you probably spend about 72 hours tops with the person you wind up choosing, and 12 of that is spent ‘sleeping’ in the fantasy suite," Fedotowsky spilled. "You can't really get to know a person in that time frame.” (We concur.)
It's not all glitz, glamour, and free drinks in the mansion. Contestants are responsible for their own cooking, cleaning, and laundry (the horror!) and those chic ensembles worn by the female contestants come at a hefty price. ABC only provides dresses for the final two contestants, so everyone else has to foot the bill for their wardrobes. Former contestant Jillian Harris claims she spent $8,000 on attire before heading to the mansion.
If you've ever considered playing a drinking game that involves taking a shot every time someone uses the word "journey," there's a reason for that, too. Whenever a contestant says "process," the producers make them film the segment over again using the word "journey" instead.
And that first night of roses at the mansion? It's more like "12 hours" than one leisurely evening. If you re-watch the premiere episode of any season, you'll notice that the sun is coming up by the time some of the contestants exit the mansion.
For more behind-the-scenes secrets (ranging from how many women bring vibrators to what really happens in the fantasy suite), click here. Your Bachelor viewing experience may never be the same.

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