Prada Wants $185 For A Paperclip & Twitter Can't Stop Laughing

Prada is selling a $185 oversized paperclip-shaped money clip. Yes, it's literally just a fancy version of the paperclips that are probably strewn around your desk.
Let's put a pin in what the product is, though. Prada is a luxury brand. Luxury brands charge lots of money for staple objects. We can all agree on this. But leaving aside the irony of blowing a stack of money on something that can hold your money (and other loose paper), consider this paperclip objectively.
Does this thing perform a function with greater efficiency that another, less expensive object? Um, not on this planet. Sure, it's made of sterling silver, but silver causes skin to turn green on some people. Silver also tarnishes over time and isn't as strong as gold. The paperclip shape of this thing renders it totally impractical to fit inside a wallet. Sticking something made of heavy silver it the back pocket of your jeans is also going to be annoying to sit on and will probably be a literal pain in your ass (actually, that may be a perk if that's your thing!). This is assuming it doesn't fall out of your pocket when you go to use the bathroom.
Did Prada really need to do this? Who is the customer they envision for this product? Why are they trolling us? Haven't we all suffered enough through 2017? Twitter, like all of us, asked the same questions, and came through with quips that are just the most. The pricey paperclip is still available at Barneys should you wish to pull the pin on this purchase, but may we suggest splurging on a trip to Italy instead?
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