Adam Scott Just Lived Out Ben Wyatt's Biggest Food Dreams In Italy

Photo: Mitchell Haaseth/NBC/Getty Images.
We all know that feeling of overwhelming emptiness that takes over when you come to the end of a life-changing television show. One of the hardest things about a great show ending is realizing that the actors who portrayed the characters are real people with real lives outside of the fictional universe constructed. For example, when Parks and Recreation ended in 2015, millions of fans were left desperately trying to come to terms with the fact that Amy Poehler and Adam Scott were not actually involved in a passionate and wonderfully equal partnership, raising triplets, and helping each other with their respective political careers. Two years later, some of us are still grappling with that harsh reality. Fortunately, every now and then, former cast members give super-fans a little gift by sharing evidence that although they are no longer playing our fave characters, the characters are still very-much a part of them. Yesterday, Adam Scott, who portrayed Ben Wyatt on Parks and Recreation did just that.
As fans of the show know, Ben Wyatt always loved a good calzone. Even after being repeatedly told by his friends and colleagues that calzones are stupid and basically garbage compared with the best food in the world, pizza, Ben stuck to his guns and even tried out making his own calzones at one point during the series.
Well, yesterday, Adam Scott tweeted about a cooking class he took while on a trip to Italy, and it turns out he had his own real-life run-in with calzones. In his tweet, he wrote, "As fate would have it, my pizza-making class in Italy goes awry, so the chef saves me by turning it into a calzone." He then included three photos of his pizza-turned-calzone cooking class.
The minute we laid eyes on this gem of a tweet, we felt an immediate shift. The world felt right once again because thanks to the calzone, we know Ben Wyatt's spirit lives on.

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