Your Astrological #FollowFriday Is Here: Meet Mecca Woods

Photographed by Natalia Mantini.
If you're anything like us, you already follow the who's-who of YouTube astrologers, and your Instagram feed is packed with hilarious astro-memes. But is your Twitter feed a little lacking in the astrological department? Good news: There's an entire world of astrologers tweeting their findings out there, but we'd recommend you follow Mecca Woods, aka @TheMeccanism, before anyone else.
The first thing you need to know about Woods is that she knows her stuff. She tweets birth chart analyses on the fly, writes openly about her personal spiritual practices, and uses celestial transits to analyze pop culture. She officially won our hearts when she live-tweeted James Comey's hearing with to-the-minute astrological insights.
It doesn't hurt that Woods has a quick sense of humor about her line of work. Seriously, she once compared out-of-the-blue birth chart requests to unsolicited dick pics. In other words, Woods can (and will) happily tackle anything from an astrological angle.
She tends to be a pretty active Twitter user, but if you find that you can't get enough of her insights, Woods also has her own blog, podcast, and merch. We'd even recommend supplementing R29's horoscopes with hers. She posts them on a monthly basis and offers personalized readings, too. After all, a second opinion never hurts.
Like we said, there are plenty of other astrologers to follow on Twitter — @MaximusAquarius and @JSoAbove spring to mind — but Mecca Woods is a great account to start with (especially if you're still new to all things astrological). She writes about the planets in a way that's down-to-Earth and never too mystical. And no matter where your interests in astrology specifically lie, she's probably tweeted about it before.
Check out some of our favorite tweets from Mecca Woods below and share your favorite astrological Twitter accounts in the comments section.

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