Reminder: Pregnancy Sex Is Really Hot — & Yes, It's Safe

The Ayush ministry in India has been making waves lately for recommending that pregnant women "Shun desire and lust."
In a new booklet on pregnancy and childcare, the ministry suggests that "Pregnant women should detach themselves from desire, anger, attachment, hatredness, and lust," the BBC reports.
So, basically, being pregnant means you should stop having all strong emotions. And if lust is off the table, that means sex is definitely a no-no.
As you'd probably expect, people aren't too thrilled about this questionable advice — and plenty are calling BS.
But rest assured, pregnant friends — having sex while you're pregnant is totally safe.
Your baby is safely tucked away inside your uterus, which is closed off from your vagina thanks to the cervix. And a penis can't penetrate the cervix, according to the National Health Services in the UK, so it's a pretty safe bet that a sex toy or fingers couldn't either. That means that the baby isn't in any danger, and also can't tell that you're even having sex.
The NHS does say that sex or orgasms later in the pregnancy could potentially set off Braxton Hicks contractions, but if that happens you'll just need to relax or lie down until they pass.
What's more, some people find pregnancy sex incredibly hot.
Pregnancy makes your hormones go haywire, which means some pregnant people are often, well, horny. Sonia Naik, a gynecologist in Delhi, told the BBC that she doesn't recommend pregnant people avoid sex unless it's a high-risk pregnancy.
Still, some positions can be uncomfortable or put too much pressure on your abdomen later in the pregnancy, but even that doesn't mean you need to abstain completely — you just might need to switch it up.
If you're looking for ideas, sex therapist Vanessa Marin and Jessica Shepherd, MD, an Ob/Gyn at the University of Illinois at Chicago, shared 14 hot sex positions for pregnant people with us. The good news? The only thing you really need to avoid is laying on your back, and fun things like oral sex, vibrators, doggy style are still possibilities.
So go ahead and embrace your lust.
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