Shimmery Purple Alcohol — Delicious Or Disgusting?

Two adjectives you might not associate with a pleasant drinking experience: shimmering and purple. But if you've ventured into your local liquor store recently, you've probably spotted one these bottles of strange, glittery alcohol twinkling at you from up on a shelf. And, if you're like me, you've been curious what kind of strange magic was going on inside of that cylinder.
According to the company's website Viniq is, "a delicious combination of premium vodka, moscato, and natural fruit flavors." It is also one of the more baffling products that I've encountered in recent memory — and we're living in the age of unicorn everything. I had questions and I sought answers. And so, I purchased a bottle, and decided to do a personal taste test.
First things first: The actual product was not quite as shimmery as it appears in photos. I felt like I had been had. At a coworker's suggestion, I shook the bottle and attempted another pour. The results were slightly more glittery, but certainly not as metallic as I'd hoped. And, the smell? It was potent, and reminded me a bit of grape Kool-Aid.
Photo: Courtesy of Elizabeth Buxton.
Then, I took a sip. It was sweet; it was strong; and it was a bit confusing. The moscato, the vodka, and the fruit flavors all blended together to create a taste that reminded me of a grape Blow Pop. Am I saying that this was a bad thing? Not necessarily. I love Blow Pops. But it was certainly a distinct flavor, and not one that I wanted to experience for the long haul — or, for more than a few sips, really.
Let's be clear: If you're looking to create a viral Instagram moment among your friends, Viniq could come in handy. Maybe if I'd tried my experiment over the rocks, with a nice fruit/citrus garnish, it would have been a different experience. (For the most daring of drinkers, there are plenty of cocktails suggestions online. While I cannot endorse those, I would love to hear from you if you give one a try.) In the end, I decided that Viniq was not the drink for me. My go-to might not make you do a double take, but I know that it tastes wonderful.

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